BLACKPINK Rosé revealed secrets behind her slender body: “I try not to eat even if I’m hungry at night”

BLACKPINK Rosé recently discussed how she achieved her perfect physique and tips on how to take good photos. 

On the 20th, the official YouTube channel of fashion magazine Elle Korea posted a video titled “WE ASK ROSÉ, How to take a best mirror selfie”, where the female idol discussed photo taking tips, nicknames for BLACKPINK members on her phone, and the secrets behind her slender body. 

In the video, Rosé said: “Jennie is Jennie with a teddy bear, Jisoo is Sooyaa with a turtle and a rabbit, and Lisa is Lisa with a white heart”.

Rose Blackpink

Then, she explained the reason behind these nicknames, saying: “Jisoo’s Instagram ID is @sooyaaa__ so I used that. Her nickname is ‘Turtle Rabbit’, so I put a turtle and a rabbit. Jennie likes teddy bears, and she’s also cute, so I put a teddy bear for hers. I don’t remember why Lisa has a white heart with it. She looks innocent? I normally don’t think so, I just made it like that.”

Rose Blackpink

About tips for taking good pictures, Rosé shared: “I think natural light is important. So from about 12 to 3pm, when there’s great sunlight even if ít’s in a car, I can take great photos.”

Rose Blackpink

Regarding her fondness for mirror selfies, Rosé explained: “I want to put everything in my photo, but I can’t do that with a selfie. So when I’m alone or I just want to take it quickly, I do it with the mirror.”

Rose Blackpink

She also added that the body should look as natural as possible, saying: “Don’t try to make a pose, just lean your head towards the phone, and it makes your photos better.”

In addition, when asked for tips on how to take care of herself, Rosé answered: “I get puffy a lot. I love spicy food and I love eating at night, so I try not to eat spicy food before filming, and try not to eat late at night. I try not to eat at all. When I work, I start to want tteokbokki or any other spicy food, but I will get puffy, so I eat veggies instead. It’s a bit difficult, but I go to eat as soon as filming is over.” 

Rose Blackpink

Finally, Rosé said: “I got complimented that I’m a good singer. I felt very good. I don’t usually express my feelings, so people don’t know that I like it. BLACKPINK members don’t know either. Please say I’m a good singer. I love it more than you think”.

Rose Blackpink

Source: Nate

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