BLACKPINK Lisa continues to set new records on the Spotify music platform

With her solo debut album, Lisa continuously gets impressive achievements.

On September 10, Lisa officially made her debut as a solo artist. Since then, she continuously gets impressive achievements with her two songs, LALISA and MONEY. Notably, even though she only promoted the title song “LALISA”, Lisa still achieved many achievements with the b-side track MONEY.

blackpink lisa

Recently, the BLACKPINK maknae continued to receive an increase in monthly listeners on Spotify and became the first K-pop solo artist to hit the 13M, 14M, 15M, 16M and 17M milestones on this platform.

Furthermore, MONEY and LALISA also took turns becoming the most streamed K-pop solo artist’s song on the Spotify Global Daily Chart.

  1. MONEY – 3.51M (day 34)
  2. MONEY – 3.48M (day 29)
  3. MONEY – 3.44M (day 33)
  4. MONEY – 3.40M (day 30)
  5. MONEY – 3.35M (day 32)
  6. MONEY – 3.27M (day 28)
  7. LALISA – 3.25M (day 1)
  8. MONEY – 3.16M (day 27)
  9. MONEY – 3.11M (day 31)
blackpink lisa

LALISA and MONEY, respectively, also became the two songs released in 2021 by female artists that reached #1 in most countries around the world. Accordingly, LALISA reached #1 in 74 countries while MONEY reached #1 in 41 countries.

MONEY is now #1 on Amazon US Bestsellers (+12) and Tiktok’s Weekly Top 2000 Links.

blackpink lisa
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