“Big Mouth” Im Yoon-ah “Go Mi-ho’s courage and wisdom touched my heart”… Predict a new character of a lifetime

Actress Im Yoon-ah will take on her first noir challenge through the drama “Big Mouth”.

Im Yoon-ah predicted the birth of a new character of a lifetime as Go Mi-ho, a nurse who is full of vitality, in MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” (created by Jang Young-chul, Jung Kyung-soon/written by Kim Ha-ram/directed by Oh Chung-hwan/produced by AStory, Studio Dragon, A-Man Project), which will premiere on July 29th.

snsd yoona big mouse

Im Yoon-ah, who first participated in a noir work through “Big Mouth”, explained why she chose this drama, “I thought I could show a new charm because Go Mi-ho was actively drawn at the center of the incident, as well as her courage and wisdom in the process of solving this touched my heart.”

She also described her first impression of Go Mi-ho as a “realistic character“. She said that Go Mi-ho was attractive since she worked as a veteran nurse and was confident without being bewildered under any circumstances.

snsd yoona big mouse

In particular, Go Mi-ho was said to be the person who gave Im Yoon-ah a lot of thoughts while filming. Im Yoon-ah confessed, “I thought she is a really strong character with a strong inner strength. When she jumps into the battlefield to protect her family, as the episodes go on, the more sense of responsibility and duty she has. She fights to the end no matter what danger comes to her.”

She added, “Go Mi-ho knows how to choose ’cause’ over situation and safety. She’s a rational yet perhaps ideal character who goes all the way in the direction she thinks is right. In addition, she has the wisdom to solve cases.”

Big Mouse

Viewers wonder how Im Yoon-ah will express her favorite character Go Mi-ho. Im Yoon-ah paid special attention to the “posture” to play the character Go Mi-ho, who does not give in to any oppression. She explained, “I tried to dominate the atmosphere without being overwhelmed by it. I thought Go Mi-ho is a person who suppresses emotions rather than bursting them out, so even if I performed the same emotions, I tried to express her inner emotions while giving a different feeling.”

snsd yoona big mouse

She continued, “Since it was my first time playing the role of a nurse, I sought advice from professional medical staff on set. I tied my hair up for a neat look and tried to look natural.”

Lastly, Im Yoon-ah said, “It’ll be more fun to guess who the real Big Mouse is that makes Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk) and Go Mi-ho suffer. In many ways, it’s a new challenge for me and it’s a work in which all the actors and staff did their best together, so please pay a lot of attention.”

big mouse

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth”, actress Im Yoon-ah’s first noir work, will air at 9:50 PM on July 29th (Friday) following “Doctor Lawyer”.

Source: daum

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