Rumors about Miyeon ((G)I-DLE) leaving YG for dating was finally proven wrong

The Kpop fan community has just recently been stirred up due to a post on an online forum in Korea revolving around (G) I-DLE Miyeon’s past. 

Although this information is not new, the fact that it was dug up in the time when Miyeon in particular and (G) I-DLE in general is receiving a lot of love from the audience, has affected the image of the female idol.

Miyeon's reaction when watching BLACKPINK’s performance

However, not long after the rumor was brought back, another post appeared that clarified the information related to Miyeon’s past. This post has the following content:

This post has received a lot of supporting comments from those who love (G)I-DLE and Miyeon.  Many people even pointed out that the main vocalist of (G)I-DLE had faced many sexual harassing comments because of the previous post, and this made them feel very irritated and heartbroken.

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