X1 is having a mental breakdown due to Mnet’s cheating scandal, agencies tried to calm worried fans

X1 members are having a hard time due to Mnet’s vote manipulate suspicion, however, their debut will still happen according to the original plan.

Mnet’s survival show “PRODUCE X 101” – the 4th season of the “PRODUCE” series – is currently in its biggest scandal ever since the 1st season. Specifically, after the line-up for X1 was announced, netizens pointed out that the vote results were very suspicious. Some trainees with a high number of votes in the previous episode didn’t get into the final line-up. The situation turned worse after lawyers and politicians decided to step into the game. Mnet has apologized and pointed out the problem which happened during the process of rounding up and conversing votes.

This announcement has light up the public’s rage. Many baseless rumors and malicious comments, which aims to attack the X1 members, start to appear online. Facing such a stormy event right in front of their debut, the boys in X1 are having a mental breakdown which negatively affects their mental condition.

Seeing this situation, representatives of management agencies have gathered at a hotel in Gangnam to arrange a press conference and confirmed that they would always support and stand beside X1’s upcoming debut. Reportedly, Mnet didn’t join this meeting.

Answering the press, agencies affirmed:

The members of the debut team are having a hard time mentally. We cannot wait until the investigation result is out, so the agencies have decided to announce the debut of the winning team. We will follow the original plan and discuss once again after the investigation result is out. We understand that X1 needs to have their debut and agencies will have to discuss the future plan after deciding the things we need to do in such a situation.”

Source: k14

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