Joy’s reaction to Red Velvet members singing the song of her boyfriend Crush

Red Velvet members sang Crush’s song while standing next to Joy.

A new content video featuring Irene, Joy and Yeri was uploaded on the official Youtube channel of Red Velvet on November 30th.

In the video, Yeri pulled out the quiz “What would you do on the first day when it’s snowing?” for the members to guess. Yeri said, “I’ll give you a tip”, adding “It’s a very realistic one. Think of this year.”

red velvet irene yeri joy

Joy said, “You’ll take a photo and post it on Instagram”. Irene guessed, “You’ll stay at home”. However, Yeri reacted, “Both of you are wrong. I’ll give you one more chance.”

red velvet irene yeri joy

Joy said, “Make a snowman duck”. Yeri responded, “It’s very realistic”. Joy continued, “Listen to Christmas carols”. As Irene kept wondering, “Something realistic?”, Yeri gave a hint, saying “Maybe, wouldn’t I be doing something?”. Joy reacted, “Probably?”

red velvet irene yeri joy

At that moment, Yeri started humming the song “Perhaps That” and Irene sang along to her. “Perhaps That” was remade by Crush and Loco as a new R&B song that fits the autumn vibe through JTBC’s “To You Project – Sugarman”. While the two were singing, Joy just moved her body slightly. 

red velvet irene yeri joy

Afterward, Yeri said, “I’ll tell you now. Maybe I would probably be filming”. She added, “Wouldn’t I be filming for the drama?”. Joy reacted, “You’re so not romantic. It’s because Yeri changed to INTP.”

Source: Nate

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