“Bad Prosecutor” starts off well with a rating of 4.3%… Do Kyung-soo’s acting as a prosecutor impresses viewers

KBS-2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bad Prosecutor” (written by Im Young-bin/ directed by Kim Sung-ho) announced a smooth start.

The first episode of “Bad Prosecutor” aired on October 5th. According to the rating survey agency Nielsen Korea, the broadcast recorded an average nationwide viewer rating of 4.3% with a real-time peak of 6%. It ranked No.1 among dramas of the same broadcasting time.

The reaction to “Bad Prosecutor” is explosive from the first episode. Thanks to its rapid development and exciting expressions of the characters, there was no time for the viewers to get bored. It got praised for looking like a time-lapse drama with comic elements.

Above all, Do Kyung-soo’s acting skills also stood out. He perfectly transformed into a crazy prosecutor. He did well from detailed actions to playful acting performances.

In episode 1, Jin Jung (Do Kyung-soo) went to arrest Kim Hyung-kyun (Cho Seung-yeon), who has a secret account at the Financial Supervisory Service lobby. He started by performing a difficult levitating action against gangsters using tools.

bad prosecutor

Jin Jung’s lively appearance was attractive. When senior prosecutor Shin A-ra (Lee Se-hee) shouted, “How did a guy like you become a prosecutor?”, Jin Jung said, “That’s my talent and destiny”.

bad prosecutor

Park Ye-young’s assault and murder in Seocho-dong were also depicted. Jin Jung confirmed the detective’s suspicious money. In the end, the detective had to write a statement revealing that the existing culprit was not the real one. However, the case didn’t work out as expected. Oh Do-hwan (Ha Joon) tore up the criminal statement. The falsely accused criminal was imprisoned. As Jin Jung got angry, he punched Do-hwan.

bad prosecutor

Meanwhile, “Bad Prosecutor” is an action investigation drama that centers around prosecutor Jin Jung, who punishes corrupt powers that cause harm to society. The second episode will air at 9:50 p.m on October 6th.

Source: dispatch

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