7-year couple Se7en and Lee Da Hae revealed how their love grew stronger after almost breaking up 

Despite having gone through a breakup crisis, Se7en and Lee Da Dae are still going strong. 

Actress Lee Da Hae and singer Se7en have been dating for 7 years. The two are proud of their long-term relationship, from variety show appearance as a couple to confident Lovestagram.

In JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Brothers”, which was broadcast on July 16th, Se7en made a guest appearance and mentioned Lee Da Hae. When Lee Sang Min asked, “I heard that Da Hae lost contact with her best friend Kim Hee Chul after dating Se7en. Did you cut them off on purpose?” Se7en replied, “It’s not like that.”

Then, when asked if it would be fine for him if Lee Da Hae met Kim Hee Chul, Se7en answered coolly, “It’s Heechul so it is okay. Heechul and I drank soju together recently. There’s no such thing as we shouldn’t have separate meetings. If we have reasons to meet, we should do it, right?” 

Perhaps because they already appeared together on a variety show once, Se7en was outspoken when talking about his girlfriend. He confidently answered the questions of the “Knowing Brothers” hosts who were curious about their love history. 

Earlier this year, Se7en and Lee Da Hae appeared together in MBC’s reality show “The Manager” and openly showed their affection towards one another. They revealed stories about their relationship. 

Regarding how they got together, Lee Da Hae said, “It was my birthday. People were gathering and playing in a party room or something. We were playing pocket ball together, and he asked me out. When I said something else, he said, ‘Why aren’t you answering?’ I was embarrassed, so I said, ‘Do I have to answer that?’”

Se7en said, “Da Hae said this is the longest relationship she has ever had in her life. It’s the shortest I’ve ever had.” Before Lee Da Hae, Se7en was in a relationship with actress Park Han Byul for 12 years.

The two also revealed the story of how they got into a big fight last year and were on the verge of breaking up. Lee Da Hae said, “After a long time, my friends and older sisters and brothers became very fond of Se7en. There were many people crying. The one I missed the most was my mother. My mother kept saying, ’But Dongwook (Se7en’s real name)…”

The relationship between those who have been on the verge of breaking up after a long relationship. Even in the early days of recognition of dating in 2016, it was not as smooth. Earlier, Lee Da Hae and Se7en officially admitted their romantic relationship in September 2016.

However, the problem here is that Se7en’s image was ruined due to the “Massage Room Incident” at the time. Public opinion toward Se7en was so negative that it was difficult for him to make a comeback in Korea.

On the other hand, Lee Da Hae continued to be active in dramas, including ‘Chuno’, ‘Iris 2’ and ‘Hotel King’. The arrow of criticism also aimed at Lee Da Hae, who was doing well.

Se7en expressed his apology and gratitude to Lee Da Hae, who stood by him during the difficult times. He appeared on various broadcasts and apologized for the incident, and at the same time showed his affection for his lover.

Although every moment was not a pink romance, the two always care for and support each other. Whether those, who are named as representatives of long-term couples, will be married or not is also a matter of great interest to many people. Let’s wait for the news of the marriage between Lee Da Hae and Se7en, who have been in love for 7 years.

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