An interesting fact about Son Ye Jin’s fans draws more than 2 million views

In a Korean show that aired a week ago, it received a lot of attention from the audience when talking about coffee truckers to artists’ filming and recording locations.

Usually, support projects for Korean celebrities such as sending food and coffee trucks to the set are carried out by fans if they know where the filming locations are. So this service is very popular in Korea. The show also partially revealed what it is like for people working in this service. 

Son Ye Jin

The main character of the show shared: “Fandoms of big artists order coffee trucks a lot to send to the set. This week, I drove coffee trucks to the same filming set twice”.

The host then immediately asked: “Whose fandom is so rich that they ordered a coffee truck twice a week?”. To which the guest responded, “It’s from Son Ye Jin’s fans, I’ve been doing this job for a long time, and I’m very impressed with Son Ye Jin’s fans. Based on the order quantity charts, they are the ones who send coffee trucks to support their idol the most often.” He added, “I also like Son Ye Jin, ever since I watched her in The Classic. And my wife loves Hyun Bin, so I am glad I get to do this job.”

Not long after the show aired, it attracted much attention from the public and after only a week, the video has earned more than 2 million views on YouTube and thousands of comments.

Scrolling through Son Ye Jin‘s personal SNS, it’s surprising and admirable how much fans of the “nation’s first love” are willing to pay for coffee and food trucks to support her during the filming of upcoming drama “39”. 

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