IVE Jang Won Young impresses fans with her professional attitude when monitoring her shoots

IVE member Jang Won Young, who is known for her lovely charm, showed her unexpected side offstage.

Recently, IVE’s Youtube channel released a behind-the-scenes video of “I AM” music video filming.


The video showed IVE members working hard to improve the completeness of their music video shots.

In particular, Jang Won Young drew attention as she performed the difficult scene where she jumped from a high place with wires around her body.

After the filming, Jang Won Young immediately checked her own footage again with serious eyes and attitude, proving her professionalism.


Jang Won Young is known for her cute appearance and lovely energy. She is always seen smiling brightly in front of the camera. However, her face changed 180 degrees when she monitored her work.

The IVE member meticulously observed how she appeared on the screen with cold eyes, showing off her side as a professional idol.

Amazed by Jang Won Young’s changed appearance every time she monitored her scenes, fans poured out compliments. They even made a video compiling moments of Jang Won Young monitoring her shoots.


Many netizens also applauded the passionate attitude of Jang Won Young, who debuted at the young age of 15, towards her work.

Meanwhile, Jang Won Young’s group IVE released their first full album “I’ve IVE” last month. Their album’s title songs “Kitsch” and “I AM” were greatly loved by the public.

Source: Insight

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