All the ways BLACKPINK members show love for each other 

BLACKPINK is among the top Kpop groups of the 3rd generation, and so every action of them is closely watched by netizens. However, with their close relationship, BLACKPINK members never fail to surpass adversities, proving that they are as tight as a true family. 

As the first member to set foot in France, Jennie was extremely excited. However, she did not forget to buy gifts for the members and share her joy with them. The female idol also paid close attention when selecting the gifts, considering each member’s liking. It can be clearly seen that Jennie adores her group mates. 

Similarly, Lisa also thinks of other members when going shopping. She even waltzed all around the store to select each member’s favorite figurine, showing her deep love for BLACKPINK as a whole. 

Without exception, Rosé and Jisoo also remembered the rest of the group when going shopping together. They carefully picked out T-shirts that suit the members back home, and even picked out the right size and considered each other’s style. It is as clear and day that the BLACKPINK members remember every detail about each other. 

On another occasion, Jisoo and Jennie created handmade rings for their sisters. The two also added Lisa and Rosé when drawing a picture of “family”

While releasing a new product line for eyewear brand Gentle Monster, Jennie also sent out her designs to the rest of BLACKPINK. Meanwhile, upon receiving Jennie’s present, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa, all updated their Instagram, showing their love and thanks to their sister. 

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