“I can’t lose popularity”… Top star Hyori Lee’s candid confession

Singer Lee Hyo-ri revealed why her popularity should not decline.

In tvN’s ‘Canada Check-in’, which aired on the 7th, Lee Hyo-ri, who returned from Canada to Jeju Island, was shown holding a bazaar. This is the third bazaar opened by Lee Hyo-ri and her friends, where all of her sales are used for stray dogs. 

lee hyori

On this day, Hyo-ri Lee was asked about the cost of caring for a puppy by the production team, and said, “I do it at my own expense. I also open a big bazaar once a year,” she said. “I stocks up on clothes sponsored by Jihye (stylist) and sells them at bazaars,” she replied. 

lee hyori

She continued, “So we have to work hard. Popularity shouldn’t go down. Because of the bazaar,” she added, bringing laughter.

Hyori Lee prepared a bazaar with her friends until late at night. Lee Sang-soon also brought pizza to help his wife, visited her, and warmed her. The bazaar that followed was attended by many people and ended in great success. 

lee hyori

Meanwhile, tvN’s ‘Canada Check-In’ is a program featuring Lee Hyo-ri, who has been volunteering for stray dogs for over 10 years, traveling to Canada to meet dogs sent overseas for adoption as new families. It is broadcast every Saturday at 10:40 PM.

Source: wikitree

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