“In Part 2, all relationships…” The story of ‘The Glory’ spoiled by Kim Eun-sook

The popularity of Netflix’s ‘The Glory’ is increasing day by day. Recently, writer Kim Eun-sook slightly mentioned the part 2 story.

Recently, a video titled ‘Behind the scenes commentary by writer Kim Eun-sook, director Ahn Gil-ho, and actors’ was posted on Netflix Korea’s official YouTube channel.

Writer Kim Eun-sook mentioned the contents of season 2 through the video. If Part 1 was the process of the so-called build-up, Part 2 hinted at a rapid development of the story.

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Writer Kim predicted, “In Part 2, all the relationships we’ve built so far roll like a snowball.”

In Part 1, Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon), who has been enjoying a splendid life while hiding secrets as an abusive perpetrator, was drawn. And it ended with Park Yeon-jin finding the room of Moon Dong-eun (played by Song Hye-kyo), who was sharpening her multiple blades.

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In Part 2, a story in which the perpetrator falls is predicted. In addition to writer Kim Eun-sook’s spoiler, Moon Dong-eun’s desperate revenge seems to be successful.

Meanwhile, ‘The Glory‘ is a story about a victim of school violence, Moon Dong-eun, who takes revenge on the perpetrators. The collaboration between writer Kim Eun-sook and director Ahn Gil-ho has raised high expectations even before its release.

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The work ranked 3rd in the Netflix non-English TV category and 8th in the overall TV rankings with 2541 hours of cumulative viewing time within 3 days of its release.

According to Flixpatrol, an OTT content ranking aggregation site, in Korea, it has maintained its hot popularity, holding the No. 1 spot since the 1st of this month. 

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