KOMCA secretary Choi Kwang Ho discussed IVE Wonyoung’s “strawberry mukbang”:  “It’s not easy to be an idol”

Recently, Choi Kwang Ho, the general secretary of Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA), appeared on the YouTube channel “OK POP!! (오케이팝!!)”, where he discussed and discented the success of Kpop girl group IVE, alongside their hits “Eleven” and “Love Dive”.

At the end of the video, Choi Kwang Ho was asked for his opinion regarding the “strawberry mukbang” of IVE member Jang Wonyoung, which was embroiled in controversies. Apparently, he hadn’t heard of the issue, so staff members had to let him watch the video. 

Choi Kwang Ho

In particular, on the TV show “Omniscient Interfering Point” (also known as “The Manager”), the dorm life of IVE was revealed. In one scene, IVE member was gathered in the living room, munching on fruits. It was here that Jang Wonyoung drew strong attention from the public.

Specifically, Wonyoung was shown holding a strawberry with two hands and maintaining a pretty expression while eating it, as if she was in a CF film. 

Right after the show’s broadcast, “Jang Wonyoung’s strawberry mukbang” went viral actress the net, with many netizens claiming that Wonyoung “was acting for the camera” and mocking her “fake attitude”. 

IVE Wonyoung

Upon watching the video and hearing the controversies, Choi Kwang Ho was perplexed, seeing no issue. He said: “It’s just eating strawberries. It’s a fist-sized strawberry… Do you expect an idol of a girl group eating strawberry with one hand, saying, “hell so good”? There is no way she acts like that. So people saw that scene and posted some bad comments? So, considering things like this, I don’t think it’s really easy to become an idol. No matter what they do, they are cursed.”

He also added in confusion: “I also eat a big-sized one using my both hands.

Choi Kwang Ho
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