All the charismatic and talented maknaes throughout the 4 generations of SM

These SM Entertainment’s excellent maknaes possess both outstanding beauty and top talents.

SM Entertainment is the birthplace of a series of popular music groups as well as many outstanding trends. Being such a big man in the industry, no one doubts about SM’s intern selection. A clear proof of this are SM groups’ maknaes who not only possess excellent beauty but also impress fans for being absolute all-rounders. 

NingNing is a 4th generation maknae of SM. 

Changmin (DBSK)

DBSK was once called “Gods of the East” because of their unique music style. With their strong influence, the group has conquered the whole of Asia. All 5 members, including Changmin, the group’s youngest member, possess amazing visuals that captivate fans.

In particular, the male idol also impresses with his sweet and powerful voice. In 2020, Changmin caused a stir among the people with his announcement of his marriage to his girlfriend.

Kyuhyun (SUJU)

At the time of their debut, SUJU brought a new breeze to the K-pop music industry as this is the first group to have a lineup of up to 13 members. The group’s musical style also attracts a large number of fans. The youngest member in the group, Kyuhyun, was popular among fans for his innocent and flawless visual appearance. Especially, his sweet and emotional voice and charisma during stage performance also become one of the best parts of him. 

Seohyun (SNSD)

SNSD is called the “national girl group” with 9 talented and beautiful members. In particular, the group’s youngest member Seohyun in the group also left a good impression in the hearts of fans with her gentle appearance in the early debut days. Until recent years, her beauty makes people admire since it is getting better and better. 

Considering Seohyun‘s talent, she was chosen as a member of the TaeTiSeo trio when she was active with SNSD, proving that she also possesses a quality voice. 

Taemin (SHINee)

At the time when 2nd generation’s groups were active in the Kpop industry, SHINee appeared and impressed fans with their unique music style. Taemin, the group’s youngest member is loved by many fangirls because of his handsome appearance.

Besides, the male idol is also the “dancing machine” of the Kpop music industry as well as having an equally excellent voice. Currently, Taemin has always maintained his charm and received a lot of support from fans through solo products. 

Sulli and Krystal (f(x))

At the time of their debut, f(x) impressed people with their unique music style, different from other girl groups of the same time. In particular, the two youngest members of the group, Sulli and Krystal, are both high-ranked beauties of Kpop.

The two also left a mark in the hearts of fans with their warm and sweet voices. Currently, Sulli has passed away after struggling with a lot of pressure. Krystal gave up singing and entered the acting field. 

Sehun (EXO)

When first appearing, EXO was also the name that surprised people with a lineup of up to 12 members. Among them, the group’s youngest member, Sehun, has won fans‘ hearts thanks to his youthful appearance. However, when he first debuted, he received many criticisms for his limited talent.

The impressive beauty of Sehun’s during the debut era. 

After a long time working in the field, the male idol has perfected himself and made significant progress. Now, Sehun is a guy with both attractive appearance and charismatic performance. 

Sehun is also welcomed by many fashion brands. 

Yeri (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet is a prominent name in the Kpop music industry with their very distinctive music style. The group is called a “visual garden” because of the impressive beauty of all 5 members. The youngest member Yeri is the same case as Sehun. Despite her beautiful appearance, she was criticized for her weak talent compared to the rest of the members.

Yeri was beautiful and energetic when she first debuted. 

However, at the present time, Yeri is increasingly proving her “golden maknae” status in the group when she is able to compose her own music and achieve achievements for her solo music product. 

Yeri is getting more and more beautiful and talented. 

Jisung (NCT) 

NCT is currently the largest group in the Kpop music industry with 23 members. Among them, Jisung is the youngest member as he was born in 2002. When he first debuted, he was still considered a baby and was pampered by his seniors. However, when he turned 18, the male idol made people admire his impressive “puberty challenge”.

Besides, Jisung also possesses skillful dance skills that makes everyone amazed. In Black on Black, the male idol became the lead in the group’s lineup with a performance that required skillful hip hop dancing techniques. 

NingNing (aespa)

Unlike the other groups, in the early days of their debut, aespa received many criticisms for their unremarkable beauty. There are even comments that they are not suitable for SM. However, after a short period of time, people were gradually convinced by aespa‘s admirable visual.

In particular, the group’s youngest member, NingNing, attracts fans with her big, doll-like eyes. She takes on the position of the main vocalist of the group since she has good vocal skill. 

Top-notch is certainly an appropriate term to describe 2nd Gen groups of SM. Debuting at the age of only 15,16, they have impressed the public with their beauty and their excellence in both singing and dancing. 

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