The list of female idols with fresh images and visuals

These idols are the ones who
always have fresh images and visuals in the group

The fresher the visuals are, the more refreshing the atmosphere may become and you will even find these idols more attractive. But it’s not something anyone can have. The more you look at them, the more attractive they may be, at any time, anywhere.

“Colorful Attraction” (TWICE’s Nayeon)
Her fresh image
Adorable Yerin from GFriend
Cute with her chirpy bang

I’m wearing a lemon (Gugudan’s Mina)
Mina with a fresh image
Her own charm (IU)
Super lovely
Innocent and sexy beauty (Yeri from Red Velvet)
Gorgeous everywhere
A doll-like visual (DIA’s Jueun)
The more you look, the more attractive you may feel
Beautiful on stage (BLACKPINK’s Lisa)
Does she look like a doll?
A beautiful female idol (Apink’s Kim Nam Joo)
An explosion of charm
A fresh image of Luda from Cosmic Girls
She always has fresh styles

Source: Dispatch

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