BLACKPINK Lisa is confirmed to participate in BVLGARI’s new jewelry project

It seems that BLACKPINK fans’ efforts to demand justice for Lisa over the past few days have paid off!

On the morning of October 10 (KST), Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin – CEO of BVLGARI caused a stir when posting an article related to BLACKPINK Lisa’s schedule in Europe on his personal Instagram. Specifically, he wrote: “We are so proud to partner with you Lisa and can’t wait to see you soon in Roma for reviewing together our BVLGARI jewelry projects 2022/2023. You’ll have a Queen welcome by BVLGARI in the Eternal City.”

blackpink lisa

This post made the BLINK community thrilled since, a few days before, the CEO of BVLGARI voiced his regret that he couldn’t work with Lisa despite though she was in France. Accordingly, Mr. JC Babin personally posted on Instagram: “Our great ambassador Lisa is in Europe. Unfortunately, due to COVID, her agency prefers her not participating in events or shows. That’s also the reason why insofar we could not shoot her together with Zendaya, Lily Aldridge and Vittoria for the BVLGARI Brand Campaign 2021/22 and that we could not run a major event yet together.“ 

blackpink lisa

Soon after, BLACKPINK’s fans exploded with anger and repeatedly criticized YG for treating Lisa unfairly. Lisa’s biggest fan station in China also announced that it will stop buying BLACKPINK’s album. Other fans also continuously trended hashtags on Twitter to ask YG to let Lisa do her work.

It seems that the fans’ efforts in the past few days have paid off when Lisa’s first schedule since coming to Europe has finally been announced.

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