Jennie’s bow crop top still trending after 2 years? Ningning and other idols wore fakes with the same design?

Kpop idols are commonly seen wearing the same designs, however, several have been spotted wearing fake replicas. BLACKPINK Jennie’s iconic bow crop top is probably one of the most popular items to be faked. 

blackpink jennie aespa ningning
Ningning adorned the same design as Jennie 2 years ago

Recently, netizens discovered that the white crop top worn by aespa Ningning in teaser photos for the English title “Life’s Too Short” greatly resembles Jennie’s pink bow top. Apparently, Ningning’s item was from the Korean brand AVAN. 

aespa recently released their first English single “Life’s Too Short”
aespa ningning
However, Ningning was discovered to be dressed in the same design as Jennie

The bow design made Ningning extremely sweet and chic, which is extremely suitable for the concept of “Life’s Too Short”. However, despite not being from the same brand, the female idol’s crop top was too similar to Jennie’s, raising suspicions of AVAN plagiarizing the original design from Chanel. As a result, fans expressed their dissatisfaction towards SM Entertainment, who should have checked more carefully instead of letting Ningning wear a fake item. 

aespa ningning
Ningning’s top, which is from the Korean brand AVAN

Previously, Oh My Girl member Arin was also criticized for the same reason. Things stemmed from the female idol’s appearance on an M Countdown stage of her group song “Dun Dun Dance”, where Arin boasted a bright and youthful appearance, along with her perfect physique. 

In addition, Arin was dressed in a baby pink bow crop top that added to her charm. However, the top was a copy of Jennie’s Chanel top, made from a cheaper material with worse tailoring. 

oh my girl arin
Netizens compare the two photos and it’s easy to confirm that Arin is wearing a fake item

Not only Arin, but her bandmate – YooA also wore this bow crop top during the Dun Dun Dance promotion. Although it is black, the design still makes people easily think of Jennie’s crop top. Although both Arin and YooA wore fake items, only Arin got criticism.

yooa croptop
YooA wears a black crop top.
yooa croptop
Looking at the material of the crop top, it is easy to see that it is also a fake.

Jennie once made this design famous. At BLACKPINK’s concert, this item helps the female rapper highlight her sexy body, tiny waist, and sexy shoulders. Jennie also mixed it with a tweed outerwear.

When attending the Chanel show in October 2019, Jennie was initially disparaged by netizens when wearing a light blue crop top. However, this design quickly became a fashion trend. In addition, other brands immediately copied this design. Up to now, this item is still popular. This is enough to prove Jennie’s influence on the domestic and international fashion industry.

It’s not entirely the idol’s fault to wear fake clothes. Usually, idols’ outfits are prepared by stylists. So, instead of criticizing, fans defended the girls and expressed their displeasure towards the companies.

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