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Song Ji-hyo’s sudden question “Oppa, are you uncomfortable with me?” left the “Running Man” team in shock

Song Ji-hyo suddenly asked Ha-ha if he was uncomfortable with her, which devastated the scene.

On SBS’ “Running Man,” which aired on Sep 18th, Ha-ha was shown being angry at Song Ji-hyo‘s sudden question.

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In this episode, Ha-ha informed the members of his conversation with Song Ji-hyo. Ha-ha said, “Do you want me to tell you a story that can give you goosebumps? Everyone has already gotten out of the car and only Ji-hyo was left. Suddenly, however, Ji-hyo lay down spreading her arms and legs and asked me, ‘Oppa, are you uncomfortable with me?’” Ha-ha shared, expressing how dumbfounded he was at the time.

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Ha-ha said, “It was so sudden. We’ve been doing this program together for 12 years, so I wondered why she asked me that. Most of all, she didn’t even come over and ask, but she asked while laying down flat with her arms and leg out, ‘Am I uncomfortable?’ she said. What does that mean?” he said with a puzzled and angry look.

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In fact, the voice file of their conversation at the time was also released. In the released voice file, Song Ji-hyo asked, “Oppa, are you very uncomfortable with me?” and Ha-ha asked back, “Huh?” as if dumbfounded. Song Ji-hyo asked again, “Are you very uncomfortable with me?” Haha asked again, “Me? Why? Are you uncomfortable with me?”. After Song Ji-hyo replied calmly with a “No?“, Ha-ha asked absurdly, “Then why do you ask me that?” and Song Ji-hyo replied, “I just suddenly thought of that.” Ha-ha then reacted, “You’re crazy, right?”

Ha-ha said to Song Jihyo, “What’s wrong with you? Are you not in your right mind? I was honestly so scared,” he confessed. Song Ji-hyo said, “I just asked that question all of a sudden.” Ha-ha asked back, “Are you possessed?” and turned the scene into a sea of laughter.

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Afterward, Yoo Jae-seok suddenly said to Ji Seok-jin, “Hey! I’m uncomfortable with you,” adding to the funny atmosphere.

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