After Jennie, Jisoo’s personal photo was also leaked, is the culprit hiding inside YG?

Is the incident between BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie really a crime inside YG Entertainment?

Gurumi Haribo, who leaked Jennie‘s private photos, is making a new claim. On the 28th, the hacker said,  “Hey everyone, I know that many of you doubt me and wild rumors are everywhere. I have been told that Jisoo is somebody who knows the truth and is an honest and kind person. She is not involved in with Taehyung in any kind. However, she may help us to see the truth.”

This hacker sparked dating rumors when he repeatedly leaked daily and dating photos of Jennie and V. However, this time, many people’s attention was focused on his mention of Jisoo as a witness to substantiate this rumor.

However, the photo referenced by the hacker was published to Jisoo’s SNS a few hours later. As a result, many people believe that hackers are hidden within YG. Before idols upload anything on SNS, it is usually given to staff for permission. Jisoo almost certainly discussed the photos with the company before posting them on SNS. If this is the case, the officials, especially those in charge, must have been aware that Jisoo would publish this photo on social media, and that this individual may have leaked information to the hacker or maybe the hacker himself.

This sparked further concerns. The hacker has violated Jennie and V’s privacy by publicly sharing their dating photos as well as Jennie’s daily photos. However, the offender this time specifically targeted Jisoo, which might lead to internal conflicts. As a result, the severity has grown.

Source: daum

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