How to take pretty selfies like 950k-subscriber Youtuber Park Minyoung

Actor Park Min-young, who made her debut in 2006 with the sitcom “High Kick”, has been active in various dramas such as “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, “City Hunter”, and “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”. 

Recently, Park Min-young opened her personal YouTube channel “Just, Park Min-young” and has been communicating with fans by posting videos with various concepts.

park min young

Currently, Park Min-young’s YouTube channel is receiving a lot of attention and love with 958,000 subscribers, and the most popular video she uploaded has 4,860,000 views.

park min young

In particular, her “How to Take a Really Good Photo” tip video has been introduced to various communities and went viral.

park min young

In the video, Park Min-young drew attention by introducing tips on taking pictures in various ways, such as “Don’t think about anything, naturally raise the corners of your mouth by attaching your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and slightly unfold your fingertips when doing the flower pose.”

park min young

Fans who saw this showed various reactions, “She forgot the basic prop thou, which is to have a face like Park Min Young”, “You don’t know anything…But still, thank you”, “You look pretty even if you just take random photos”.

park min young

Recently, Park Min-young was casted in the drama “Meteorological Agency People” and started filming. On Oct 3rd, she posted a photo of her recent status on SNS, saying, “GN! #Meteorological_Agency_People,” adding to fans’ expectations.

Source: Daeum

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