aespa Winter gets hate again just for recommending a YouTube channel

Winter (aespa) is once again receiving hate comments after being accused of animal abuse.

Following NCT/WayV Lucas’s love scandal, SM appears to be the center of attention. But it seems that the bad luck isn’t yet ended. Right after Lucas’s scandal broke out, aespa’s Winter was accused of animal abuse

Winter (aespa) was the target of criticism on the evening of August 25 due to a video of her playing with a cat. Instead of softly petting the cat, this female idol pressed, scratched the cat’s head, and imitated the cat’s meow, causing it to run in terror. This behavior by the SM’s newbie sparked outrage almost immediately. However, when the issue had not settled down, Winter was embroiled in another controversy after recommending a YouTube channel.

Specifically, Winter recently recommended YouTube channels that she watches through the ‘Bubble’ chat app. Winter wrote, “I watch YouTube when I’m bored, and I watch ‘Kkokkomu’ and ‘Jun Woo’…? When I watch them, time passes fast. So I am recommending them to you.”

Winter’s recommendation, on the other hand, quickly became a hot topic on Korean social media sites, as one of the YouTubers she recommended had previously been involved in a scandal. Furthermore, this YouTube channel is also known as a malicious content channel. According to netizens, YouTuber Jun Woo was once criticized when he previously deceived his viewers by saying that his girlfriend at the time was his younger sister. 

In addition, Jun Woo posts provocative content with titles such as, “I made a fake Instagram account and approached her to test her tendency to cheat on her boyfriend,” “This viewer said that they broke up because of me…what the?” and “The worst photo sent by a girlfriend saying she is drinking at home.”

Soon after, a slew of hateful comments directed at Winter surfaced on Korean internet forums. 

  • “I mean, she’s free to watch him herself privately, but I don’t think it’s a good channel to recommend to people,” 
  • “She needs to mature more,” 
  • “Does she not care about her image?” 
  • “I don’t think this channel is one that a rookie girl group member should recommend,” 
  • “It’s not a big issue, but that just ruined her image a bit.”

However, in addition to the negative comments directed at Winter, some internet users have defended the female idol: 

  •  “I think it’s not an issue that she watches him,” 
  • “I don’t think this is something to criticize about,” 
  • “His YouTube channel just shares other people’s stories,” 
  • “People need to calm down.”

YouTuber Jun Woo also shared on his Instagram that aespa’s Winter suggested his channel. He conveyed his appreciation as well as his delight at being recommended by a beautiful female idol. He wrote: “I suddenly got a lot of Instagram DM, so I think something very bad happened to aespa’s Winter.

Winter’s controversy has gotten a lot of attention on the internet thus far. SM and aespa Winter, on the other hand, have not commented on the incident.

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