aespa suffers mistreatment from SM Entertainment + MBC, leaving fans enraged

SM Entertainment’s continual mismanagement of aespa is seriously irking the group’s fans

aespa is often said to be “the future of SM”, as they are a central figure in the entertainment metaverse that this agency has been mapping out. Across their career, the girl group has attained various notable achievements, however, they still suffer from mistreatment. 

aespa thumbnail
aespa is often said to be “the future of SM”

Recently, aespa appeared on the MBC talk show “Omniscient Interfering View” (also known as “The Manager”), which shows the group’s schedules during their comebacks, their daily habits, as well as the work of their managers. However, the show seriously disrespected the Chinese member Ningning and the Korean-Japanese member Giselle. 

In particular, “Omniscient Interfering View” captioned Winter as the main vocal of aespa, while the role actually belongs to Ningning, which is either a severe lack of research or blatant discrimination. In addition, footage on the show continuously leaves Giselle out of the frame, leaving MY (fandom of aespa) enraged and demanding SM to take action. 

Ningning was robbed off her main vocal role, while Winter suddenly got the title
Giselle completely disappeared from footage of the show 
The broadcasting station MBC has made the fandom of aespa enraged

Meanwhile, aespa was previously mistreated as SM Entertainment sent them to a school festival without proper security. As a result, the group was harassed by the school’s students, who wrote vulgar words about the girls and even listed footage of aespa for sale on SNS. 

aespa didn’t have proper security when they performed at a male high school 
As a result, some male students harassed the girl 
aespa earned SM a lot of money from their festival performances, only for the company to mistreat them

Netizens also recalled the time when aespa first debuted, where malicious rumors about members were spread without SM’s interference. They also complained about the continuous media play-action performed by SM, which leads to aespa getting hated and being nicknamed “Karina and friends” and “BLACKPINK failed copies”.

SM’s media play lead to aespa being nicknamed “Karina and friends”
Fans of the group were displeased about SM’s over focusing on one member
aespa blackpink
In addition, aespa was accused of copying BLACKPINK due to similar costumes, hairstyles, and media play
Fans of the girl group requested SM to focus on building aespa’s own colors instead of trying to make them the next BLACKPINK
aespa girls
aespa’s AI concept was attractive enough, so media play isn’t necessary, they said. 

 Despite having attained various achievements, from selling out US showcases, surpassing over 1 million album sales, to winning a Daesang and getting Perfect All-Kill, aespa is not receiving the treatment they truly deserve.

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