aespa failed to perform a perfectly synchronized dance for their comeback stage because of Giselle’s continuous mistakes 

Giselle showed a somewhat disappointing performance on the comeback stage of aespa because of her lack of preparation. 

In the recent broadcast of Mnet’s “M Countdown”, aespa announced their comeback with the second mini album “Girls. Appearing with charismatic expressions, aespa members presented a powerful performance of the title song “Girls”.

However, some netizens criticized Giselle’s ability to digest the choreography as she danced wrongly several times. She even made a mistake when it came to the highlight part of the group choreography. 

Although Giselle quickly recognized the situation and tried to catch up with the members, her stuttering was still clearly revealed. 


In addition, Giselle also made occasional mistakes, such as performing choreography movements that were slightly out of sync, which lowered the perfection of the performance.

Unlike other members like Karina, Winter, and Ning-Ning, Giselle was pointed out to have shown rather weak movements by the viewers.


Some netizens complained, “I think she needed more practice” and “I keep worrying about Giselle while watching the stage.”

On the other hand, there were those who defended Giselle, saying, “I think she didn’t have enough time to practice because she was too busy” and “Maybe she just didn’t feel good that day?”


One week after the release of “Girls”, the new album of aespa recorded the sale of 1,426,487 albums, the highest number of copies sold in the history of a K-pop girl group.

Source: insight

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