A handsome actor in his 30s who announced his marriage while serving in the military

Model cum actor Sung Jun, who made his name known by appearing in dramas “I Need Romance” and “Gu Family Book”, has been loved for his tall height of 187cm as well as good looks.

Sung Jun joined the 2nd Division in Yang-gu, Gangwon-do in December 2018. While he was faithfully serving in the military, he suddenly became a hot topic by announcing his marriage in February 2020.

Sung Jun

He confessed that he found out about his girlfriend’s pregnancy just before enlisting, “It was such a great joy, a miracle and a blessing. However, as I had to join the military right away, I wanted to prioritize protecting the two precious people who came into my life.”

Sung Jun

He also explained, “The legal process for marriage was carried out as soon as possible, but the wedding ceremony where I had to greet many people in person was not held. It’s because I thought this was the best way for me, who was about to join the military.”

Sung Jun

Meanwhile, Sung Jun has been living a happy married life since he was discharged from the military in July 2020. He also announced his return to the screen in June through the movie “The Grotesque Mansion”. Recently, he played the role of Choi Ji-woo, the third generation of a sly chaebol, in the drama “The Magic”.

Sung Jun


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