Kep1er’s Chaehyun reveals aespa called to congratulate her debut

aespa shows their support for the debut of former SM trainee, now Kep1er’s Chaehyun. 

aespa Kep1er’s Chaehyun

Recently during Kep1er‘s debut showcase for their 1st album “FIRST IMPACT“, when Chaehyun – the group’s center was asked about her friendship with aespa members, the female idol shared:

“aespa sunbaenims congratulated me and said, ‘We will see each other soon in the waiting rooms of music shows.’ I haven’t seen sunbaenims for a long time because they are very busy, but the thought of seeing them again when we attend music shows makes me excited.”

Kep1er’s Chaehyun

Before joining Girls Planet 999 and making her debut in Kep1er, Kim Chaehyun trained with aespa members at SM Entertainment, but she ended up leaving the company. 

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