Lee Do Hyun becomes a 7-year-old and went hilariously viral with his “friends” in “The Good Bad Mother”

A scene of Lee Do Hyun and 2 child actors in “The Good Bad Mother” was so hilarious, it went viral across the net. 

Alongside “Doctor Cha”, the “The Good Bad Mother”, which features Lee Do Hyun, is the hottest drama of the moment. In this comedy series, Lee Do Hyun assumes the role of Kang Ho, a successful prosecutor, who has a cold personality due to his overwhelmingly strict upbringing.

Lee Do Hyun

However, an accident occurred, causing Kang Ho’s mind to regress to that of a 7-year-old. As a result, he now lives with his mother, and often hangs out with the next door twins – Seo Jin and Ye Jin. 

The trio, which includes 2 actual children and one children at heart, ended up bringing a lot of hilarious moments to town, ranging from chasing pigs to being funnily punished.

Lee Do Hyun’s hilarious scene in “The Good Bad Mother”

Recently, the official fanpage of Netflix has shared a cut of the trip chasing a pig together, and the video has quickly gone viral. Many netizens also left various hilarious comments, laughing all the way through. 

Below are some notable comments:

  • Lee Do Hyun debuted as a super cool prosecutor and now he’s chasing a pig…
  • I couldn’t hold back my cackle when Lee Do Hyun got punished like a child
  • The three cutest troublemakers of Jou village!!!
  • It is even more hilarious when you take their relationship into account!!
The three cute troublemakers of “The Good Bad Mother”
Lee Do Hyun’s character has the mind of a 7-year-old

On the other hand, “The Good Bad Mother” airs every Wednesday and Thursday on jTBC, Netflix, and TVING.

Source: k14

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