BLACKPINK’s controversy: iPhone 13 proof shot now that their Samsung contract is over?

After Jisoo uploaded a photo of her new iPhone 13, the online community engaged themselves into a heated debate between 2 sides: “Their contract ended long ago” vs “Not loyal”.

Samsung Electronics has produced and sold a limited edition – the Galaxy A80 BLACKPINK edition, focusing on the fact that idol group BLACKPINK is gaining huge popularity in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, on Oct 11th, a photo of BLACKPINK, the Galaxy edition ex-models, replacing all of their phones with iPhones at the same time was uploaded on an online community with the title “No mercy after the contract is over.

According to the post, BLACKPINK Jisoo said on her Instagram on the 10th, “Wow, I finally changed it. New phone, cute case” and certified herself as an iPhone 13 user.

To further amplify the phrase “No mercy after the contrast is over“, this account cited that BlackPink Jennie also posted a selfie to her 53 million followers SNS confirming that she is also a user of the iPhone 13. BlackPink Rosé is also using an iPhone.

Some pointed out that BLACKPINK was the model of Samsung and could be misunderstood for reluctantly using the Galaxy, due to Jisoo’s post that said, “I barely changed it.” But this is not true.

The A80 CF modeled by Black Pink was broadcast in July 2019, and the contract ends in August the following year. It has already been more than a year since their contract with Samsung ended, which is why many fans explained that “finally changed” and “new phone and cute case” simply mean that the iPhone 13 was out of stock and she had had to wait for a long time.

The account tagged by Jisoo in the photo was a phone case company.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy A80 BLACKPINK special edition in Thailand and Malaysia in 2019.

Samsung Electronics has put forward BLACKPINK, a K-pop girl group, as their promotional model to promote the Galaxy A80 in the Southeast Asian market.

Netizens responded, “In Southeast Asia, low-cost phones went well. That’s why they became A80 models”, “The post is malicious edited”, “Shouldn’t they choose a Galaxy user to be the Galaxy model?”, “Isn’t it similar to saying I like the soju brand Chamisul more after ending the contract with Chum Churum?”, “Everyone has the freedom to use the phone they want to use”, “Their contract ended long ago, what’s the deal?”

Sources: nate

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