Minji’s serious reaction to NewJeans’ maknae Hyein using this slang becomes a hot topic

Celebrities who are criticized by the public for using words without knowing their meanings or sources appear from time to time.

NewJeans Minji‘s wise advice to prevent such a situation is being re-examined.

Last January, YouTuber Calm Down Man invited NewJeans to his YouTube live broadcast as a guest.


Joo Woo Jae, who appeared with NewJeans that day, asked, “Is this your first time appearing on an Internet broadcast? Have you ever watched Calm Down Man’s broadcasts?”

Daniel replied that she had never watched Calm Down Man’s broadcasts before, but she looked for them before coming here.

She said it was fun because a lot of the buzzwords she knew appeared on Calm Down Man’s live broadcasts.


The maknae Hyein said she learned about the slang “킹받네” through the channel Calm Man.

“킹받네” is an Internet slang that means “I’m angry” and is known to have been popularized by Calm Man and his live broadcast viewers.

Hyein said that she initially used the slang without knowing its origin, so Minji asked her, “Do you know where it came from?

At that time, Minji advised Hyein, “When you speak, you should know where the word comes from before using it.” After that, Hyein searched for the slang’s origin herself.

After hearing this, Calm Man nodded to Minji’s advice, saying that Hyein could be misunderstood if she used the word without understanding its meaning.

When Minji’s advice to Hyein became a hot topic, many netizens left comments, “As expected of the oldest sister,” and “Minji just turned an adult this year, but she’s really wise.


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