Actress Soo Ae revealed her feelings when returning with drama “Artificial City” after 5 years

Actress Soo Ae revealed her feelings about returning to the TV broadcast after a long time.

At the press conference of JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Artificial City” held on the afternoon of December 8th, Soo Ae received a question, asking, “With your returning to drama acting after 5 years, so why did you choose Artificial City?”

Soo Ae confessed, “I was really nervous because it had been a long time since I last shoot a drama”, adding, “It was about 8 months before the filming. I thought a lot about how to maintain my “stormy” emotions for 8 months. When the shooting began, that long time became an advantage. I was able to film the drama well while controlling my condition.”

Regarding the reason for choosing “Artificial City“, she explained, “The script is really interesting. The background is about people of the top 1%, but the content doesn’t refer to any individual. I sympathized with the point that it is the story about all of us, a tragedy that can occur in our daily life. I was more certain about this decision after meeting the PD and the writer.” Soo Ae had a break from her drama acting after KBS2’s drama “Sweet Stranger and Me” ended in 2016.

Soo Ae Artificial City

“Artificial City” depicts the fierce desire of those who want to reach the top. This drama takes place against the backdrop of an art museum that belongs to Sung Jin Group, a major conglomerate that holds the power of the political and financial worlds in South Korea. The drama will premiere at 10:30 P.M on December 8th.

Soo Ae Artificial City
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