How did Park Eun-bin respond to the rude fan who pulled her? She’s not only a good actress but also a sweet and kind person

Park Eun-bin’s mature attitude and response to the rude fan in the recent incident is currently a hot topic.

An online community post titled “A rude fan pulled Park Eun-bin’s shoulder just to see her face” recently drew keen attention.

park eun bin

The netizen who posted this article described the situation at that time, saying “On her way home from work, Park Eun-bin kept saying ‘Hi’, ‘Thank you’, and ‘Go home safely’ while trying to get in the car but someone tapped her on the shoulder and suddenly pulled her toward them”. The video released together with the post shows a fan’s hand grabbing the shoulder of Park Eun-bin while the actress was getting in the car. It looked like the fan was pulling Park Eun-bin but what surprised everyone was Park Eun-bin’s nice attitude toward her fan.

park eun bin

According to the netizen, Park Eun-bin said, “The bodyguard stopped the rude fan immediately but Park Eun-bin apologized to them and said ‘Go home safely’.”

In response to the video, some people commented, “This fan may have unintentionally pulled because there were a lot of people at the scene”. However, others said, “If you’re a real fan, wouldn’t it be more polite if you were more careful about touching at such a crowded place?”.

park eun bin

Meanwhile, Park Eun-bin is receiving enthusiastic love and support for her appearance as an autistic attorney in the hit drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. 

Source: daum

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