A rare movie role in Son Ye Jin’s career that drew negative reactions 

Son Ye Jin has always earned praise for her on-screen performances. But this movie is an exception. 

Son Ye Jin is dubbed the “nation’s first love” and one of the representative actors of Korea. She is loved not only for her gorgeous beauty but also great acting. Having been active in the industry for over 20 years, Son Ye Jin’s reputation still remains at the top. Since the beginning of her career, Son Ye Jin has landed lead roles that left a lasting impression. From then on, she has continued to affirm her position and fame beyond Korea.

Throughout her lengthy career, Son Ye Jin has bagged various excellent works. However, there is still a movie role that caused her to face negative reviews. Specifically, it was when she played Yoo Mi Ho in the movie “White Night” alongside Go Soo. “White Night” is a Korean adaptation of the famous mystery novel “Byakuyako” by Japanese writer Higashino Keigo that was published in 1999.  

With her flawless beauty, Son Ye Jin was said to be perfect to play the female lead character, as if Yukiho (her character’s name in the original story) stepped out of the book. Son Ye Jin looked enchanting, fragile, yet still radiated a mysterious aura in “White Night”. However, according to many reviews, aside from visuals, Son Ye Jin’s portrayal of Yoo Mi Ho did not live up to expectations. In the original story, Yoo Mi Ho is a woman with a goddess-like appearance but is mean, cruel, and cold-hearted on the inside. Son Ye Jin’s acting was obviously not bad, but she brought a totally different version of Yoo Mi Ho, thus disappointing the readers of the novel. 

To take part in “White Night”, Son Ye Jin reportedly rejected the offer to act in the drama “Iris”, which later became a massive hit with the final episode recording a rating of 41.8%. Son Ye Jin turning down her role in “Iris” gave Kim Tae Hee the chance to star in a legendary drama of her career. Meanwhile, “White Night” recorded less than 1 million admissions in cinemas and is considered one of the most forgettable works in Son Ye Jin’s filmography. 

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