A man broke into SM building because “A singer told me to come”

A man broke into the SM Entertainment building, a large agency for popular idol singers.

The man, arrested after a confrontation with the police, said that the singers had called him in.

A man, surrounded by police, has been pulled out of SM Entertainment building in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

There are dozens of cars standing around, including police cars and ambulance.
The police were wearing protective clothing and bringing in the baton. They caught the criminal and dragged him out.

Around midnight in the morning, a 36-year-old man named Yoo broke a glass door on the ground floor of SM Entertainment and broke in.

Then he walked all over the building through the emergency stairs.

Yoo was arrested after nearly an hour of confrontation with police on the seventh floor of the building.

When Yoo resisted by blocking the door with a photocopier, about 30 police and firemen were sent in.

As it is late an on the holiday, no one was injured because most of the buildings were empty.

Yoo said, “I just broke the door, opened it and went in. Because thee won’t open the door for me. As I walked around, I found that the 7th floor was open.

Yoo, a third-degree mentally disabled person, was found to have told police that the singers had called him in.

The police revealed, “He didn’t ask for anything, he just walked in. He said because a singer told him to come…Because a singer called.

The police booked Yoo on charges of trespassing and are investigating the exact cause of the crime.

Sources: ytn

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