A father went to the street calling for a vote for his son at ‘Produce X101’

The father is looking for a way to help his son debut after 8 years being a trainee.

Recently, the image of the father of Kang Hyun Soo, a trainee participating in the survival show Produce X101, draw great attention from the Kpop fan community. In the photos taken by the netizens, his father stood under the hot sun, raising the board “Child of Daejeon – Kang Hyun Soo” and handing out leaflets saying “Please vote for my son”.

Kang Hyun Soo’s father asked for help from the passers-by to vote for his son.

According to one student, Kang Hyun Soo’s father came to Daejeon high school gate every morning and then in the afternoon he stood at the crowded intersection to raise the board and give out flyers. This image touched many people.

Many people said that rich trainees always receive more favor from Mnet. Meanwhile, the trainees who come from less wealthy families are often “ignored” at Produce X101. Kang Hyun Soo is one of them. He is considered a potential candidate but has less screen time than other trainees.

Kang Hyun Soo’s father appeared in many public places to attract attention.

Some commented,“He is such talented but didn’t have much screen time. Mnet always distinguishes between rich and poor trainees”; “Mnet does not show your image so I will take your picture everywhere.”; “So touching. Hyun Soo is so lucky to have a father who always supports him like that”; “Parents are not perfect but they always love their children in the most perfect way”; “If you got to debut, please don’t forget this image, Kang Hyun Soo”; “It is unfair for talented people who are less likely to be filmed only because they are not favored by the station. If they don’t get a lot of screen time, how can the public vote for them? I will vote for Hyun Soo.”…

Kang Hyun Soo was born in 1996 and has been a trainee for 8 years. He used to debut twice in LC9 and BLK groups but they all disbanded. When participating in Produce X101, Hyun Soo was ranked in class A twice but was in danger of being excluded from the program because his number of votes was only ranked at 69. Many Korean netizens said that they will “save” Kang Hyun Soo because he is a talented trainee.

Kang Hyun Soo performed at Produce X101.

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