Korean footballer apologized for calling Ronaldo a “robber”

Footballer Cho Gue Sung from the Korean National Team apologized for a remark he made towards Cristiano Ronaldo. 

On December 28th, Cho Gue Sung appeared as a guest on the tvN program “You Quiz on the Block”. Here, he apologized for calling Cristiano Ronaldo “Nal gang doo” (날강두, translates to “robber Ronaldo”) in an interview during the Qatar World Cup. 

Cho Gue-sung

In particular, the athlete said, “(Nal gang doo comment) was a little careless. I like Ronaldo too, but I said it as a joke because I was overjoyed when (the Korean team) won. No matter what the situation is, I shouldn’t have joked around like that in public. I believe I was wrong.”

Previously, Cho Gue Sung earned the nickname “K short temper” at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In particular, he was caught on camera arguing with Cristiano Ronaldo during the game against Portugal, which drew great attention. At the time, he was urging Ronaldo, who was being replaced, to “get out of the way,” and Ronaldo reacted sharply, cursing and telling him to, “Shut up.” In an interview after the game, Cho Gue Sung said part of his fight with the Portuguese player was on purpose, and made a joke calling Ronaldo “Nal gang doo”. 

Cho Gue-sung

On the other hand, “Nal gang doo” is a combination of the words “nal gang do” (robber) and “Ronaldo”. The word was born in 2019, when Ronaldo went to Korea for a friendly match between a K-League team and Italy’s Juventus, leading to high ticket prices. However, Ronaldo did not participate in one single match, and earned the nickname from disappointed fans. 

Source: wikitree 

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