FNC explains controversy over “Boys Planet” trainee Na Kamden’s father, “He has lived separately from his father for a long time”

Na Kamden, a former trainee on “Boys Planet”, expressed his position on the controversy over his father through his agency.

During the airing of Mnet’s audition program “Boys Planet”, Na Kamden’s father was criticized by many people as he made inappropriate comments towards other trainees on his personal SNS account.

On April 25th, FNC Entertainment released an official statement regarding the issue. They said, “We confirmed the fact that Na Kamden’s father made unnecessary and inappropriate comments about Na Kamden and our agency on his SNS”, adding “Na Kamden has been living separately from his father for a long time due to his parents’ divorce. It is his mother who has the custody”.

Na Kamden

FNC continued, “We have been monitoring the behaviors of Na Kamden’s father consistently from February until ‘Boys Planet’ ended, and earnestly requested him to refrain from doing that through his family. However, he has continuously repeated his action for several months.”

The agency explained, “Other family members, including Na Kamden, have been enduring severe pain in silence”, adding “The situation has reached the point where we can’t no longer tolerate it”. 

They emphasized, “We clearly confirm that everything Na Kamden’s father said through his SNS has nothing to do with the trainee and our company. We will firmly take action to deal with any problems related to this issue”.

Na Kamden

Na Kamden is an idol trainee under FNC Entertainment. He recently appeared on the K-pop boy group survival program “Boys Planet” and finished 17th.

At the time the program was still airing, Na Kamden’s father left comments criticizing his son on his Twitter, engaged in arguments with fans, and slandered other trainees, such as “This guy lacks passion”, “Why did you come out on the show?”, etc.

Source: Wikitree

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