Lee Seung Gi “I proposed to Lee Da In only with words”

Singer-actor Lee Seung Gi mentioned his wife, actress Lee Da In.

On the May 29th broadcast of TV Chosun and Discovery Channel Korea’s “Brother Ramyeon”, Lee Seung Gi revealed his love story with Lee Da In.

On this day, Lee Seung Gi took pictures of the food and said, “I’ll send her what I’m eating.” When asked by Kang Ho Dong “To whom?“, he replied, “Wife. My wife.


To the question “Did you propose?“, Lee Seung Gi confessed, “I just said it without doing anything. My wife and I talked a lot about what kind of life we should live after marriage. My wife is such a good person, so I think we can live happily since our thoughts match well and our values are similar.

Hearing this, Kang Ho Dong wiped away tears and advised, “They aren’t sad tears. It’s just that my heart got warm. My relationship with Seung Gi isn’t just colleagues or senior-junior. We don’t feel awkward even if we contact each other after a long time. Since you’ve been loved a lot, repay with greater joy and happiness. Become a better actor, better singer and better entertainer.

Source: Daum

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