IZ*ONE fans have announced that they will boycott each member’s agency if the group disbands

On March 10, Mnet officially confirmed that IZ*ONE will disband in April, and the reason the group does not continue to work together is because of disagreements between management companies.  

This has left a lot of regret in the heart of fans and audiences who love this girl group. 

While there are rumors that Sakura will join Big Hit Entertainment, it is reported that some IZ*ONE member are considering forming a sub-unit or another project group. However, as the girl group received much love, many fans are against disbandment. 

On March 11th, some fans banded together to write a statement threatening to boycott the member’s agencies if IZ*ONE disbands. These fans have been fervently insisting that the popular girl group extend their contract so that they can promote for a longer time.

These fans have also released these statements on social media, attracting more netizens to protest the disbandment of IZ*ONE.

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