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“The Glory” star Jung Sung Il reveals his life difficulties on “You Quiz on the Block”

Actor Jung Sung Il of “The Glory” meets Yoo Jae Suk, who was said to be his “look-alike” by Korean netizens. 

On the February 1st episode of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block”, astronomer Lee Myung Hyun, lecturers Kim Min Jung and Jo Jung Sik, as well as reporter Lee Da Kkeum from Jeju MBC, will appear and share their incredible and mysterious life journey. Actor Jung Sung Il, who recently appeared in Netflix’s drama “The Glory” and has been drawing attention for his resemblance to Yoo Jae Suk, will also make an appearance.


According to teasers of the show, Lee Myung Hyun will discuss in depth the themes of extraterrestrial intelligent life, the secret of the 72-second powerful alien signal that reached Earth, and space travel, which has come to reality. In addition, it is said that he will reveal his “constellation proposal method”, an extraordinary love technique that aroused admiration from the cast members. 

Then, discussions will move on to Jo Jung Sik, an English instructor who has been working for 7 years, and Kim Min Jung, the first female first-class Korean instructor. The two vividly convey the life of instructors, who fiercely prepare for the CSAT every year at the forefront of the Korean university entrance exam. They will reveal how they write textbooks for perfect lectures and plans jokes to be used in class in detail as well as tell the story of when they even worked on their wedding day. The teachers also deliver several tips for test takers, such as ways to memorize English vocabulary and develop reading skills.

You quiz-Yoo Jae Suk Jung Sung Il

Next, Jeju MBC reporter Lee Da Kkeum, who is often seen reporting news in harsh conditions, appears. She explains why her father named her Lee Da Kkeum and tells pleasant stories of the days when she was a first-year reporter who got soaked in typhoons and heavy snow to report news, as well as introduces on-site reports and her email ID ouch that aroused hot topics. Her surprise dance amid the friendly atmosphere of the show is expected to attract viewers’ attention.

Actor Jung Sung Il, who appears in “The Glory” as a man facing a sweet revenge, surprises everyone with his honest and simple side. Although he is quite nervous for his first time appearing on a variety program, he calmly unveils the full story of himself as an actor and as a human named Jung Sung Il. He talked about his childhood and unknown days, his filmography in which he has always tried to do his best with every given role, the background story of how he got cast in “The Glory”, and the love story with his wife. Behind-the-scenes footage of “The Glory” that made Jung Sung Il become “Korea’s Tony Leung” will be shown, raising fans’ curiosity.

The new episode of “You Quiz on the Block” airs at 8:40 p.m. on February 1st.

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