“Train to Busan” director’s new drama “Hellbound” exceeded viewers’ expectations, “Can’t wait for season 2”

As soon as Netflix’s original drama “Hellbound” was released, it received explosive responses from viewers.

Hellbound,” which drew attention as a production of “awards winning” actor Yoo Ah-in and director Yeon Sang-ho, who directed the movie “Train to Busan,” was unveiled on Netflix on November 19th. Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Hellbound” depicts a supernatural phenomenon in which people are sentenced to hell without notice, and those who want to reveal the reality of the revived religious group “New Truth Society” and the incident are intertwined.

Hellbound rating

Those who had watched Netflix’s “Hellbound” quickly poured out favorable reviews, saying, “I get immersed until the end.” Specifically, they stressed that the content gets better toward the second half, and that “the drama is at its peak since episode 4.”

There were also many reviews that the drama has a unique concept of “hell.” Those who had watched “Hellbound” responded that the drama was new and good, saying it gave different feelings from the dramas they had watched so far.

Hellbound rating

They said that not only is the drama’s material about “hell” unique, but it also contains in-depth content such as people dealing with realistic and diverse social issues. Some expressed great satisfaction with the shocking ending full of twists. Fans also expressed their desire for season 2 of the drama.

Those who had watched “Hellbound” also praised actor Yoo Ah-in’s acting skills, saying that they got goosebumps because the actor pulled it off perfectly enough to make viewers mistake him as a real religious group leader. Overseas response to “Hellbound” is very hot as well. On November 20th, the drama received a 100% of average tomatometer on Rotten Tomato, a U.S. movie review site.

Hellbound” was rated 7.1 on IMDb with 221 votes. The Chinese site Douban also recorded a 7.0 score for the drama with nearly 900 votes, 27% of which gave the drama the maximum score. Thus, it can be seen that “Hellbound” is very popular with foreign audiences.

Critics praised the story of “Hellbound,” saying, “It’s an attractive and addictive concept,” “It dealt with various social topics in a short time,” and “It’s like a dark ray of light.” However, some pointed out that the cruel and violent scenes of “Hellbound” are too violent to watch. In addition, some viewers expressed regret that BJ’s acting in “Hellbound” was awkward, making them harder to focus on the drama.

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