BTS’s J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook spotted in the crowd at Harry Styles’ concert in L.A.

BTS’s maknae line and J-Hope were grooving at Harry Styles’ concert!

On the evening of November 19 (local time), fans spotted 4 members of BTS, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, at Harry Styles’ Love On Tour concert. In the audience seats, the members of Big Hit’s boy group were vibing to the performances and enthusiastically dancing along to the songs. 

BTS Harry Style Concert
4 BTS members attended Harry Styles’ concert. From left to right: V, Jungkook, Jimin and J-Hope

Plenty of photos and videos taken of BTS at Harry Styles‘ concert at The Forum, L.A. were quickly spread and took Twitter by storm. Through the fancams, it looks like the BTS members were having the best time. This is definitely a win for fans of both BTS and Harry Styles! 

BTS was spotted dancing at Harry Styles’ concert
BTS sang along to Falling 

In particular, V and Jungkook could not stop “fanboying” on Harry Styles. The two were constantly seen dancing and singing along to the performances. Moments of V and Jungkook “sticking” to each other at the concert also made Taekook shippers go crazy. The keyword “Taekook” even climbed to No.1 on Twitter’s worldwide trending! Fans also paid attention to Jungkook’s “ninja” outfit. He wore both a baseball cap and a hoodie hat with a mask. However, no matter how much Jungkook tried to “cover up”, fans could still spot him from miles away! 

BTS Harry Style Concert
V and Jungkook were vibing to the music 
BTS Harry Style Concert
V was “feeling the beat” 
BTS Harry Style Concert
Jungkook covered himself up like he didn’t want anyone to recognize him
BTS Harry Style Concert
Moments of the couple Taekook drove fans crazy 
BTS Harry Style Concert
The two maknaes of BTS were “sticking” to each other at the concert
BTS Harry Style Concert
The keyword “Taekook” entered Twitter’s worldwide trending

Some comments:

  • Look at how comfortable BTS is, they even turned on their phone flashlight!
  • Some fans went to Harry Styles’ concert carrying Army Bomb, who would have thought they would actually see BTS there!
  • The party line having fun with J-Hope! 
  • These 4 are going out, while the other 3 are probably sleeping at the hotel. 


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