Kim Seon Ho rumored to be hospitalized after “private life” scandal

Currently, the information that Kim Seon Ho is hospitalized after recent controversies over his private life has caused a stir among netizens.

Rumors are spreading on Twitter as well as other social media platforms saying that Kim Seon Ho is currently in the hospital. Accordingly, Kim Seon Ho is said to be hospitalized at a university hospital near Seongbuk-gu on Oct 22. The cause of hospitalization has not been clarified.

Kim Seon-ho hospitalized

Netizens also claimed that photographers, as well as reporters, gathered in the lobby of the hospital, hoping to take pictures and interview the actor. An anonymous account said: “The reporters are all crowded in the lobby on the 2nd floor of K**** U ******** hospital. These journalists just need to get an interview despite the patients who are trying to rest and need privacy.”

Another account also commented, “The journalists are causing trouble for patients as well as other medical staff when they gather in large numbers just to interview Kim Seon Ho. People are not allowed to visit patients comfortably because of the outbreak, and Kim Seon Ho is not the only one. Please respect other patients.”

Kim Seon-ho hospitalized

Rumors of Kim Seon Ho being hospitalized for unknown reasons made netizens confused. Salt Entertainment – the actor’s management company did not give any response to this rumor. Previously, the male lead of Hometown Cha Cha Cha was accused of forcing his girlfriend to have an abortion, often slandering and insulting colleagues and co-stars. On October 20, Kim Seon Ho wrote a letter, officially acknowledged all the allegations, and apologized to his girlfriend, the audience, and those affected by this scandal.

The private life scandal also caused the actor to withdraw from entertainment programs as well as suspend all of his future projects.


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