Greg Doucette apologized to Kim Jong-kook, “He has an amazing gene”, and ended the controversy

The famous bodybuilder who raised suspicions of Kim Jong-kook using steroids overturned his claims.

On November 20th, the world-famous bodybuilder Greg Doucette uploaded a new video on his Youtube channel. In the video, Greg Doucette corrected his original statement about Kim Jong-kook, “His physique is one in a million”, saying, “After looking further based on standard deviation, he’s more like one in a hundred”. Then he admitted, “Because his physique is so impressive, it’s not strange for him to naturally have a high level of testosterone.”

After that, he said Korean culture and the culture of Canada where he lives are very different, explaining, “People in Korea frown on using HRT a lot more than here.” Greg Doucette said what he said before was a guess, although he did make it based on his own evidence, experience, and research. He also pointed out several times he made wrong guesses. He declared, “I will take down the video on Kim Jong-kook where I said he is probably not natural”

Greg Doucette apology

Greg Doucette then reversed his original statement, saying, “He’s probably natural”. He continued, “I wish that we could prove whether Kim Jong-kook is natural or not, but no existing test could show whether he took steroids in the past. So I will follow the principle of presumption of him being innocent”.

Greg Doucette apology

Greg Doucette added, “Based on the information I learned and gathered, and hisattitudes, behaviors, beliefs, I would say he is natural”. After that, he emphasized, “Not everyone could do it like Kim Jong-kook. Even if you train harder and control your diet, this is still impossible without innate genes like this guy. Kim Jong-kook has an amazing gene.”

Greg Doucette apology

He argued that because Kim Jong-kook has a good gene so even in his 40s, he could still have a high level of testosterone and an amazing body. Greg Doucette then apologized to Kim Jong-kook, saying, “I apologize to Kim Jong-kook and his fans in Korea. I did the best with every information I had and also took other videos on my channel down.”

Greg Doucette apology

Earlier, Greg Doucette praised Kim Jong-kook’s body but said, “If there is a bet of 1 million dollars (about 1.1 billion won), I would say he took steroids”. After controversies over the Youtuber’s remark broke out in Korea, Kim Jong-kook denied the allegations and announced that he would take all doping tests. However, as false information related to him spread, Kim Jong-kook eventually decided to sue all malicious rumors.

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