A Korean child actress had to see a therapist due to filming violent scenes of child abuse

Haunting scenes of child abuse in a Korean drama have placed an impact on the mentality of a child actress. 

In 2018, tvN once shocked the audience of Korean TV by the release of “Mother“, a drama that sheds light on domestic violence and child abuse. Despite not achieving much success commercially, “Mother” still helps Lee Bo Young and especially child actress Heo Yul showcase great acting ability and deliver moving performances.

The drama has impressed lots of viewers, but not many know of a story behind the scenes. Specifically, in order to shoot violent scenes, when the character is abused by her own mother, Heo Yul had to undergo psychological counseling during the filming process. In “Mother“, she had to act in numerous terrifying and heartbreaking segments, like when her character is stuffed in a trash can by her mother, put lipstick on her mouth, and beaten so brutally that she almost can not survive… When the drama was broadcast, many Korean viewers expressed their concern that Heo Yul could be psychologically traumatized and have her health affected. And indeed, Heo Yul had to see a therapist after filming emotionally challenging scenes.

Mother” is the drama that marks Heo Yul’s debut on the screen as an actress. Although she was only 9 years old, Heo Yul excellently took on this difficult role. Her acting in emotional segments gives the audience goosebumps. After her first drama, Heo Yul only starred in 4 more productions and focused on her studies at school. 

Mother” depicts the story of a girl who is abused by her family and the journey of a teacher who tries to rescue her student at all costs, despite being falsely accused of kidnapping. The drama received a nomination at the Cannes International Film Festival.

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