“Doctor Cha” Jo Ah Ram: Former Girl Group Member, Plays a Mean Character but Still Liked

“Doctor Cha” Jo Ah Ram is known to be a former member of girl group Gugudan.

In “Doctor Cha”, Jo Ah Ram plays Jeon Sora, a third-year surgical resident.

Jeon Sora is the love interest of Seo Jung Min, the son of the female lead, Cha Jung Sook. Jeon Sora stands out with her pretty visuals but also mean attitude.

Right from the start, Cha Jung Sook forms a negative impression of Jeon Sora after witnessing an incident where Jeon Sora scolds her son. Cha Jung Sook then starts working in the same department as Jeon Sora. Jeon Sora’s lack of respect is not limited to Seo Jung Min alone. She regularly raises her voice and criticizes Cha Jung Sook, showing a disregard for her as well.

Being well aware that Cha Jung Sook is a new resident doctor and someone of her parent’s age, Jeon Sora’s behavior is far from respectful. Even Seo Jung Min feels the need to remind Sora to be mindful of her words and interactions with colleagues.

In contrast to Seo In Ho, a character portrayed with humor despite being a flawed husband, Jeon Sora’s portrayal takes a more serious tone. Her character lacks the ability to elicit laughter from viewers, often appearing with an air of annoyance.

While some may find it challenging to sympathize with Jeon Sora due to her negative traits, her visuals become a saving grace. Therefore, even though her character is mean and somewhat toxic towards her boyfriend, there are still viewers who enjoy watching Jeon Sora.

Actress Jo Ah Ram was once an idol. She is a former Gugudan member and was active under the name Hyeyeon in the past.

In July 2017, Jo Ah Ram (Hyeyeon at the time) and Kang Mi Na, was active as the sub-unit “Gugudan OGUOGU”. However, Hyeyeon suspended activities in 2018 and left the group due to health problems.

Doctor Cha-Jo Ah Ram

In March 2022, she changed her stage name to Jo Ah Ram and impressed viewers by taking on the role of “Al Ba”, a part-timer employee with 7 years of experience, in the drama “The Killer’s Shopping List”.

Afterwards, she was selected for the role of transfer student Se Hyun in Korea’s first cheerleading movie “Victory”, and is about to make her screen debut.

Doctor Cha-Jo Ah Ram

On the other hand, “Doctor Cha” follows the story of Cha Jung Sook, a housewife of twenty years who becomes a first-year medical resident. It airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 PM (KST).

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