A famous rapper is investigated for using drugs at home

Rapper A, who appeared in a famous hip-hop audition, is under police investigation for allegedly overdosing psychotropic drugs.

According to the Gwanak Police Station on May 3, rapper “A”, living in Sillim-dong, Seoul, was taken to a nearby hospital on May 1 after taking an overdose of the psychotropic drug used for the treatment of depression.

Police arrived at the scene after a fan announced that A stalked that person on SNS.  In the process, they found a large number of psychotropic envelopes used to treat depression at the scene.

“We will investigate to see if there is any illegal drug administration,” the police said.

“A” appeared in a popular hip-hop audition program and became famous.  Recently, he revealed on SNS that he has a conflict with other rappers in his group.

Source: Nate

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