BamBam chose Park Seo Joon as the No.1 actor, “I heard many rumors about celebrities at hair salons” (Master in the House)

Singer BamBam mentioned the rumors he heard about actor Park Seo Joon.

SBS’s “Master in the House” broadcast on April 9th unveiled “Lesson 3 about the causes of difficulties in human relationships and the secrets of brain science” by Professor Jung Jae Seung.

While playing a game to pick the No.1 handsome actor in a “Keynesian beauty contest” experiment, BamBam said, “I didn’t know Song Joong Ki acts in dramas”, adding “Celebrities go to hair salons a lot, right? I did hear some rumors. Even I know such rumors, doesn’t everyone know about them?”, drawing attention.


BamBam continued, “I’m going to pick the person with many good rumors. That’s why I’ll choose Park Seo Joon. Rumors about him are good”.

With that opinion, BamBam voted Park Seo Joon for No.1 in the “Keynesian beauty contest” experiment.

Source: Nate

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