The beautiful Nancy of MOMOLAND was “discriminated” by the cameraman?

Fans have been outrageous since watching the official video of MOMOLAND performance at the Asia Song Festival 2018.

At the 2018 Asia Song Festival, MOMOLAND had three stages with their popular tracks such as “BAAM” and “Bboom Bboom”. When the videos were posted, the majority of fans were angry because Nancy had only one close-up shot in both songs, even though she was standing in the middle quite a few times.

Usually in the performances videos, the idols get filmed whenever their parts come. But here, Nancy’s center moments were changed by the cameraman into panorama shots of the whole big event. This has caused MOMOLAND fans in general and Nancy’s fans in particular to be extremely uncomfortable, especially for international fans who could not directly see the stages.

Nancy's solo parts in "BAAM" and "Bboom Bboom" before …
Nancy's solo parts in "BAAM" and "Bboom Bboom" before …
Nancy’s solo parts in “BAAM” and “Bboom Bboom” before …
… now have been replaced by panorama shots of the show.
Here are the two rare solo parts of the idol that were shown by the camera during the performances of MOMOLAND’s two hit songs.

MOMOLAND’s fans have shown serious disappoval when the videos were posted. The fan community was unhappy, claiming that the cameraman was “discriminating” Nancy by not filming her solo parts. Even some fans have asked the organizers to reflect on that so that similar problems will not happen in the future.

Sources: k14

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