Jo Bo-ah to couple up with Ahn Bo-hyun in tvN’s new drama ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’

Actress Jo Bo-ah will play the female lead role in tvN’s new drama ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’.

On October 5, an official from the drama station hinted, “Jo Bo-ah has been selected as the female lead in the military action melodrama ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’, which will be broadcasted in the first half of next year.”

jo bo ah

‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ is about Do Bae-man, who became a military prosecutor for money. After meeting Cha Woo-in, a military prosecutor who chose the job for revenge, Do Bae-man overcomes the black and rotten evils in the army and becomes a true military prosecutor. 

In this drama, Jo Bo-ah plays the role of Cha Woo-in, a new military prosecutor who is the only daughter of a chaebol. She is a person who strives to tell the truth to the world, and to become an upright prosecutor with the spirit of a soldier. 

Jo Bo-ah plans to show a more upright and girl-crush image than her previous works ‘My Strange Hero’, ‘Forest’ and ‘Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox’. Especially, her visual in uniform is highly expected.

‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ is written by Yoon Hyun-ho (‘Remember: War of the Son’ and ‘Lawless Lawyer’). Actor Ahn Bo-hyun takes on the male lead role. The drama is expected to air on tvN in the first half of next year. 

Source: Daeum

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