4 trendy female stars whose aura Koreans are crazy about (ft. BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Han So Hee, and more)

These 4 female celebrities are total goals when it comes to charismatic aura.

Beauty standards in Korea used to be all about having a V-shaped face, sparkling round eyes, a tall nose bridge, and a small and skinny face. Gradually, these standards have changed. Instead of flawless, perfect facial features, Korean netizens are now in love with visuals giving off unique, charming vibes, not adhering to the common standards. 

The prime examples of this beauty trend are the most viral celebrities in Korea at the moment including BLACKPINK’s Jennie, actress Han So Hee, Lim Bora or dancer No:ze. They constantly appear in the visuals rankings and even become the most desired face models of plastic surgery. These female stars all have the same kitty vibes, looking cold, difficult to approach on the outside, but whenever they smile or are off camera, they get all shy and cute. 

Han So Hee

Han So Hee’s eyes are a bit uneven, but that does not make her look any less pretty. The actress has a heart-shaped face with high cheekbones, so she often has a deep side part hairstyle to cover one side of her cheekbones and apply blush towards the temple, avoiding diffusing it up towards the side of her ears. Han So Hee’s lips have the ideal thickness, but to make her lips look more naturally plump, she often does gradient lips. Han So Hee rarely uses bold eyeshadow, usually just a thin line of eyeliner. Sometimes she prefers drawing eyeliner on both eyelids for some changes. 


Turning everything she puts on into luxury items is Jennie’s special talent. Jennie’s beauty is one of a kind. Her chubby “dumpling” cheeks contrast with the sophisticated cat eyes. The most charming feature on Jennie’s face is her cat eyes. Jennie often has winged eyeliners, but never too long because she has a round face. Thanks to this tip, Jennie’s eyes always look attractive.


As the most successful dancer to come out of Mnet’s hit show Street Fighter Woman, No:ze’s visuals are considered to be on the same level as idols and actresses. No:ze’s makeup can be described as “e-girl” style, which is Gen Z’s favorite. This makeup style is characterized by thick cat eye liners and curled eyelashes. “Drunken” coral orange or dusty pink are also No:ze’s go-to blush colors. She also prefers to apply full lips instead of just the inner part. Notably, No:ze is very fond of highlighters.

Lim Bora

Lim Bora has been a popular face among Korean ulzzangs since many years ago thanks to her small face and big round eyes, Lim Bora is currently engaged in entertainment activities as an actress. Over the years, she also gave up the innocent, cute makeup style to follow a more mature and sexy style. Lim Bora is always loyal to matte, dewy lipstick to highlight her sexy full lips. 


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